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Best practices for chatbot development

Published on 02-09-2023

In this blog post, I share 12 principles for building a successful chatbot, based on my experience of six years in managing chatbot development projects.

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You might be training your chatbot wrong

Published on 09-06-2023

In this blogpost, I share most common mistakes made when training NLU-powered chatbots and how to avoid them.

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6 GPT-based building blocks for chatbot development

Published on 23-05-2023

In this blog post, I share six ideas how you can integrate GPT-based building components into your chatbot. I share some prompt suggestions and demonstrate the process of refining these prompts.

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3+ types of chatbots

Published on 14-05-2023

Many chatbot classifications exist, in this blogpost I want to walk you through the one I personally use to talk with my clients. I will talk about 3 different types of chatbots: button-based, NLU-powered and Generative AI.

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4 ChatGPT ideas for conversation designers

Published on 06-05-2023

In this blogpost, I will share four ways in which my workflow as a conversation designer has changed since I started using ChatGPT as my assistant to help me write better dialogues.

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